Waiver of Release and Liability

I, do hereby acknowledge, confirm and represent that I am voluntary and without duress and while being in full senses executing this waiver in favor of Dilmunia Mall Development Company W.L.L. (hereinafter referred to as “MOD”) as well as its shareholders, directors, employees, officers, agents and/or representatives.
MOD as well as its shareholders, directors, employees, officers, agents and/or representatives are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Released Party”.
I hereby confirm and represent as follows:
I desire to participate in the interaction program/s at Mall of Dilmunia’s Bahrain Aquarium which may include physical interaction with live animals and their dietary requirements, including shellfish/sea food, and vegetables provided to the animal
I understand that the activities have varying effects on individuals based on their size, weight, age and physical condition and/or state of health. I further understand that it is my sole responsibility to determine my physical fitness to participate in any activity at Bahrain Aquarium.
I, the undersigned participant in the interaction program/s of Mall of Dilmunia’s Bahrain Aquarium, in considerations of MOD allowing me to participate in such activity and to use its equipment and materials, I hereby voluntarily waive any and all claims I have, or may have in the future, for damage, personal injury or loss to me or property which arises from or is connected in any way, directly or indirectly, with the herein described activity and/or my participation therein. I have read and understand all written materials MOD has furnished me in connection with the activity/activities. I recognize the risks inherent in or potentially associated with my participation in the activity/activities. I release the “Release Party” from any and all liability or cause of action of any nature whatsoever that I may have or assert at any time in connection with the foregoing. I hereby assume the risk of all dangerous conditions associated with or attributed to MOD’s animals and otherwise in and about the property of MOD and waive any and all specific notice of the existence of dangerous conditions. I further indemnify and hold harmless the “Released Party” any and all liability of any kind or nature whatsoever which may arise, directly or indirectly, by, through, or in connection with my participation in the activity/activities. I intend that this signed agreement shall bind any person or entity claiming by, through, or under me or who would assert a claim on my behalf, including but not limited to, my heirs, executors, assigns and members of my family.
I understand that the “Released Party” are not liable for the loss of or damage to my personal belongings while I am participating in activities offered by MOD.
I have read and fully understand and agree to comply with the Surface feeding activity guidelines of Bahrain Aquarium as follows.
In order to ensure a safe and engaging experience for all our guests, animals and staff; acknowledgement and adherence to the following guidelines is required to participate in any of the activities in Bahrain Aquarium.

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